Buy/Sell/Trade in Auckland

Quick Guide to the Page

OFFERS - NO OFFERS, you must list a

BUMP - Please bump each item once every 12 hours from the last comment. There is no limit to how many items you may bump but please do not bump dozens at a time.

ALBUMS - We use premade albums only. Please do not create personal albums or upload to the main wall. Any uploads to the main wall or personal albums will be deleted with out notice (regardless of phone, tablet etc). Uploads to comments are fine.

DIBS - Dibs gives first entitlement to an item. You must say dibs, even when asking a question. For quick sales you can use FIFS (first in first serve)

No selling of drugs, alcohol/home brew, firearms, tattoos, tattoo kits or equipment or any illegal material/items.

Any sales of home baking must be done via a certified kitchen No raffles/fundraisers/auctions

ISSUES - If there are any issues with a trade you must PM admin personally. We will not respond to requests made on your behalf. We will only intervene if asked by the person having the issue.

but please note this: ADMIN will NOT be held responsible for any transactions that go bad or cause dramas. This is entirely your responsibility to check peoples profile and ask questions. Do NOT send money to anyone. You do this at your own risk. Do NOT trust everyone. We will NOT be liable or accountable for anyone elses misconduct because of this group. You are strongly Cautioned to use your own discretion!

REPORTING POSTS - If there is a scam or bad post with abuse, report it! If a post is reported we will make a judgement call, but we do NOT hover over the group 24/7. So reporting the posts, will alert us to it. We will respond reasonably quickly to reported posts and PMs. Swearing and threatening will cause people to be removed.

Any hostile posts directed towards admin is unnecessary, and will be deleted along with the poster.

No swearing under any circumstances.

If you have been previously removed from the page by admin you will not be re-added.

This is a positive, friendly group. Let's keep it that way.