Health,Beauty and Business Opportunity(Royale Business Club Int'l.Inc.

Royalè Business Club International, Incorporated is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation that was established in 2006. Its primary objective is to provide high quality health and wellness products in the Philippines to entrepreneurs who are searching for a profitable business and a reliable company. It has become more than a business; living up to its philosophy “Helping People is Our Way of Life”, Royalè Business Club is making life-changing impact to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It has expanded its operations from its base in Quezon City to all the key cities of the Philippines as well as overseas. Now on its fifth year of operation, the company’s continuing drive for excellence in all the facets of its operation is a resounding statement that a Filipino-owned corporation can be at par, if not better, with foreign-owned corporations. Royalè Business Club is truly a world class company! MISSION To set the trend in outstanding consumer service and continuing pursuit of global competitiveness by utilizing top-notch facilities, marketing strategies, and systems designed to deliver high quality beauty and health products and business opportunities worldwide VISION To be a globally-recognized business organization adhering to the highest standards of excellence through systematic marketing strategies, top-notch facilities and application of unique distribution scheme of world-class beauty and health products CORE VALUES : C. H. E. R. I. S. H. Credibility A company worth of trust; remaining true to its purpose of providing optimum opportunity to allHonestyA company that observes and practices fairness and ethicsEqualityA company that offers and upholds the rights and privileges of those under its sphere without discrimination and prejudiceResiliencyA company that adapts to the transitions and demands of the modern age, yet maintaining focus on defined corporate directions and goalsIntegrityA company that is steadfast to its principles, morals and standardsSincerityA company that advocates consistency, truthfulness and authenticityHumilityA company that accords due reverence and gratitude to the Lord Almighty; it does not destr
oy nor detest the reputation of fellow institutions