GREAT - Group of Responsible Entrepreneurs & Aquaculture Technicians

Matrix Sea Foods India Pvt .Ltd having more than two decades of ...experience in aquaculture producing medicaments and feed supplements required for shrimp and fish farming. The Matrix have been running its activates with a team of 40 members in Research and development and another 40 members working as technicians serving the small farmer communities for their lively hood in culture alerting them under tough situations of culture.The R&D team continuously works on day to day problems of farming finding solutions that helps the farmer community in taking necessary care of their farms in an ecologically safe mode. Apart from R&D our team concentrates on pre and post services to the farmer. We are the first to introduce the mobile labs in Aquaculture sector, first of its kind in the world to provide the laboratory services at the farm gate( with a slogan “Fresh sample, fresh report at farm gate”) to serve farmers on sight accurately. We are running four mobile labs and 5 land labs at various places of Andhra Pradesh for serving the farmers at their best. Matrix is such an industry with high commitment for the best and quality services, also involved in supporting and sustaining the industry through providing the employment to the rural un employed youth by providing the required training through MAAARC (Matrix-ANU Advanced Aquaculture Centre), which offers the Certificate and Diploma Courses in Aquaculture management, a field based training programmes. The trainees will be provided with placement after completion of their courses in various sectors of Aquaculture