Boxers in Bow Ties

In January 2014, Cobain was diagnosed with Boxer Cardiomyopathy aka. right sided heart failure. We knew then that our time with him was limited.

As a result, in March of 2014 Sheena decided to start a photo journey project with Cobain.Their project would take Cobain & family on a new adventure everyday; spending more time exploring, learning, and most importantly marking our territory on everything in this beautiful town we call home: Athens, Georgia. Sheena started putting Bow Ties on Cobain for his photos. At first this was just because he looked so dashing. We posted the photos and stories of his adventures on our Facebook pages and various boxer groups for everyone to enjoy. Over the course of a few short weeks Cobain's story started to inspire people and his Bow Ties became his signature look. We started getting Request for his Bow Ties to be sold. As a family we knew what we had to do, and what Cobain wanted us to do. We started making Bow ties, not for us, but for the millions of animals that could benefit from the sale and money that came from this endeavor. Boxers in Bow ties was born at the Beginning of April 2014.

Sadly, Cobain cir cum to his illness on April 24, 2014 at 10 years old. Cobain was a kind, gentle, loving man. His heart was filled with so much good will that you could see it as soon as you looked in his eyes. This foundation is now Cobain Legacy, we do this in remembrance of the love, compassion, and soulful spirit that he showed his family and ultimately the world. With thousands of loving fans from all over the world, all of whom miss him dearly, we are certain that Cobain would be proud of everyone that takes part in his mission.

Cobain's Legacy lives on in every bow tie we sell and we are proud to sell these bow ties to benefit: and we hope to carry on the Legacy of Cobain for many years to come.

We would love see your pictures of boxers in bow ties too!!!
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