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This forum is meant for those who are looking for the opportunity to share their thoughts, views, beliefs, ideas, opinions, knowledge, impressions and philosophies in a scripted form. It is also meant to serve as an instrument through which aspiring writers and poets can hone their skills in their respective field of interest without any concern regarding quality – imperfections are expected and accepted. The potential for exploring and expanding one’s own talents and abilities, courtesy of this website, is practically endless.

The only limits within which authors will need to confine themselves are outlined herein under as


1. Submissions will need to be in English, for conformity. However, submissions in other languages will also be accepted if the author provides an English translation or gist of the same.

2. Original submissions are encouraged. Submissions borrowed from external sources have to be accompanied by a verifiable reference.

3. Any submission that transgresses acceptable social, moral, ethical, political, racial and sexual norms and conventions either explicitly or implicitly will be barred from publication on this website. Nor will any submission made with the intent of advertisement or monetary gain by any person, group or institution be entertained.

4. The Guild considers all original submissions to be the property of the author, and will exercise no right over it. However, the Guild will not be held responsible for plagiarism by a third party of an original submission.

5. Any plagiarised composition submitted to this website in the guise of an original work, if detected being as such, will be immediately rejected /deleted, and the member responsible will be barred from any further activity on this website.

6. Anything that is derogatory and defamatory to any individual, group, community, nation, belief, idea and such others, will be rejected. Anything that creates hatred and anarchy will be deleted. Nobody will be allowed to sell any commodity, idea or belief. However, all thoughtful and well mannered discussion virtually on any matter will be cordially entertained.

7. The Internet Writers Guild does not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed either explicitly or implicitly by authors in their submissions to this website. Such opinions, or those expressed in their linked websites, are solely of the authors’ and The Internet Writers Guild assumes no responsibility for such.

8. The administrative board reserve the right to accept or reject submissions on the basis of the Guidelines of the Guild.

please write to the management of the Guild.

Editorial Panel:
01. Wendy Brown : UK : Chief Editor
02. Colleen Schutte: USA: Editor
03. Pankaj Mridul Sifar : India : Editor
04. Desdemona Casio : Indonesia : Editor
05. Zakia Aliza Reuvena : Canada : Editor
06. Marion Meloni : Germany : Editor
07. Tania Lobo : Brazil : Editor
08. Yusur Al-Bahrani : Iraq : Editor
09. Jan Ellis : UK: Editor
10. Elena Kiani : UK : Editor
11. Santosh Chaubey : India : Editor
12. Omai Shetrit : Israel : Editor
13. Zeeba Zahra Sultana : Bangladesh : Editor
14. Enisa Gazija-Pajt : Bosnia : Editor
15. Roksana Shimukashi : Bangladesh: Editor
16. Japheth Prosper : Nigeria : Editor
17. Rich Okun : USA: Editor
18. Dagmar Pistrich : Austria : Editor
19. Thomas R Hagen : USA: Editor
20. Todd Erickson : USA : Editor
21. Yossi Lopez-Hineynu : USA : Editor
22. Vibhu Ashok : India : Editor
23. Chowdhury I Zaman : Canada : Editor
24. Martin McCool : Ireland : Guest Editor
25. Nemi N Dolon : Bangladesh : Chief Caretaker

Admin Panel :
1. Wendy Brown
2. Colleen Schutte
3. Desdemona Casio
4. Vibhu Ashok
5. Santosh Chaubey
6. Nemi N Dolon

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Launching date: 27 Feb 2009