Food Food Food CHCH ONLY.. Buy, Sell or Fundrasingz and Gifting to..

Only FOOD items from members are to be listed for sale/swap or wanted to buy. Any other posts for items for sale etc or links for other facebook pages are not to be posted – if they are they will be removed by admin. As we have a number of members making things it’s only fair that posts come from our page members. If you have friends/family get them to join our page & post. If you are a page member & you have your own facebook page for your food it’s fine for you to share these links.
NEGATIVITY of any sort will not be tolerated – this includes but is not restricted to swearing, rude or derogatory comments, nasty emails, lying ..a warning will be given & or if warranted removal from the page. If you are subject to any of this please contact an Admin ASAP (names of Admin can be found at the top of “members list.
PERSONAL DETAILS are NOT to be posted on this page, addresses, ph’s – any of these shown will be removed immediately due to privacy & safety reasons
FEEDBACK please place appropriate feedback after you have purchased/been gifted items from someone on the feedback post – this can be found on the “VIEW PINNED POST” towards top of main FOOD FOOD FOOD page. Positive OR negative can be placed – this feedback helps the seller build a reputation & other people looking to buy are able to get an idea of what the “goods” are like.
NO SHOWS. 2 or more no shows by a person will result in them being removed from the page. If it’s good enough for someone to get ingreds etc & put their time & effort in, it’s good enough for you to turn up & collect when agreed. If you can’t afford or change your mind just be honest & contact the person. the more notice the better.
BUMPING (for those that don’t know – when u put a ., b or a comment on your own post so that your post stays “bumped” up the top of the page & is usually the first one people see when they look at the page) out of fairness to other members please restrict bumping to every 12hrs.
GIFTING/SWAPS. This is entirely up to you – but for those people receiving don’t take advantage of peoples kindness, gifting would normally be done when people were in need or if the gifter had reason to or just wanted to gift. IF anyone is gifting and or recieving groceries or food/kai please remember use your manners as many may need. If there's too many, the gifter may need to choose.
Remember : We are all here in the name of food, make yourself familiar with the rules - any questions please contact admin & remember FOO D FOOD FOOD) Thank you team &, ENJOY Admin.