Gahanna/New Albany Home decor and Household Goods


Admins: Lorena Popelka and Jennifer Smith

UPDATED RULES AND IMPORTANT INFO: This selling wall was designed for people living in the Gahanna/New Albany areas who would like to buy/sell adult home decor, furniture and other household goods.

BEFORE YOU POST, ask yourself if any of the items you are about to post are for children or are clothing/accessories. Please keep in mind our sister sites:

Gahanna/New Albany Totally Kids:
Gahanna/New Albany Men's and Women's Clothing and Accessories:

-If you're buying from outside the area it is YOUR responsibility to pick up the item in either Gahanna or New Albany.

-If you're selling from outside the area, it is YOUR responsibility to travel to Gahanna or New Albany and meet the buyer (unless you have made other arrangements)

*If you have multiple photos and/or multiple items in the same category (Vases, kitchen items, etc ...) please TRY to take one pic of multiple items, not individual posts. This will make it easier for everyone to see the many items listed each day. This is NOT a requirement, just a suggestion to keep the wall clean.

*The first person to comment on a post gets first choice. Any comment at all is fine, this includes asking a question. The comment must be on the post and not a pm.

*Please DELETE your item once it has sold or is no longer available. Please DELETE yard sales as soon as they're over. Posts over one month old will be deleted by admin.

*BUMPING is permitted, and there is no hard rule about how often you can bump, but let's not be excessive about it.

*NO AUCTIONS, illegal items or firearms allowed. No cars or trucks of any kind. No real estate. No animals. No businesses; personal, home based or otherwise.

*Selling of craft items is permitted, but will be limited to weekly Friday postings.

*CROSS POSTING is fine. Just say the item is cross posted.

*No shows WILL be deleted from this site. PLEASE REPORT THESE IMMEDIATELY. If you have committed to buy something, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the buyer, ASAP, if you can't make the pick up, or if you change your mind. No call/no shows will NOT be tolerated. Communication is key. Accidents do happen, we're human, people forget sometimes. Each report that is made, we will attempt to contact the no/show party. Please contact one of us if someone does this to you.

*Administrators have the right to delete members without notice for not following site rules. Any problems, please PM (Private Message) the Administrator(s) Lorena Popelka or Jennifer Smith with your concerns.

Acronyms you may see:

BU - Back up
EUC - Excellent Used Condition
ISO - In Search Of
NWT - New With Tags
NWOT - New Without Tags
PPU - Pending Pick UP or Porch Pick Up
PM - Private Message

*Always remember to be safe, meet in public places, and use the buddy system!

Thanks and happy selling and buying!!