Marceline Band Geeks Rock!

You must be in the Marceline Band to be in our group! Or, you have to have been in the band at some point.

We know you're in the band if:
1) Mr. Gooden!!
2) It's totally not sexual if someone yells ZIP ME!
3) You get chewed out for not having black socks
5) Can play Eye of The Tiger by heart
6) You refuse to walk through the brass section without shoes!
7) You march in step to every song
8) Blowing, Fingering, and tonguing are in no way perverted
9) Push in and Pull out are just ways to tune your instrument
10) Tongue harder is a word you hear daily
11) After you graduate you still come back and play with the band
12) You never have to pay to get into a football or basketball game
13) You forget your shoes so you steal someone elses and then don't put them back...making everyone else mad at you
14) You know that getting to a band event early means you're on time, on time means you're late, and late means you're in trouble.
15) You've seen one whole side of Marceline because you have marched through it!
16) You walk to your second hour class with wet shoes and pants from marching on the wet field.
17) We don't hear the announcements in the morning because we're already playing or outside.
18) If asked if you're in a gang or group, you reply marching band.
19) Forte Forte
20) Zippers are tough to do alone!! Get help!!!
21) Our Concert Band Folders
23) You hate arm circles!!
24) B is for Bubbles
25) E is for elephant
26) A is for alpaca
27) G is for Gregory the Beaver
28) I is for Igloo
29) Whoever has melody is the CAKE!! Whoever doesn't is the frosting!!!
30) Band Dance Party on the Bus!!!