Latter-Day Saint (LDS) Singles 25+

Welcome! This group is for Latter-day Saints or investigators that are single & 25 or older. This is a group where we can all have good clean conversations & learn about different views of other LDS singles. This is not a dating site.
Relax everyone & have fun!
The admins are Ashley Erickson, Ken Grover, & Charity Brown.
There are a few rules that we expect members to abide by. Mostly we want this group to be fair & unbiased. We aren't just going to boot you without cause. If you are breaking the rules, you will be warned. You get 2 warnings, the third time you break a rule you will be booted. At times entire threads or comments will be deleted if they are deemed inappropriate by the Admin. If an admin removes your post or comment you will receive a message. That will be considered your warning. There are a few things that will be cause for an automatic boot (see rules). We are all adults & the admin shouldn't have to babysit you so please behave like adults.
1-If you are not LDS, please learn & respect our beliefs.
2-Please respect those opinions even if they differ from your own. Friendly banter is ok but try to follow the "golden rule". Treat others how you would want to be treated.
3-Anything that is sexual in an inappropriate or raunchy nature is not allowed on the board. Anything that is alluded to that can be twisted into an inappropriate sexual discussion has potential to be removed.
Discussing porn or any pornographic images posted will be deleted.
a) NO photos or videos of nude or partially nude people will be permitted. These will be immediately deleted & the person posting will be removed from the group with NO warning.
b) NO swimsuit photos & NO shirtless photos from the men are permitted to be posted on the forum.
Also please keep your photos modest & watch the cleavage shots, they will be removed.
4-If Admin is made aware of any unwanted inappropriate photos or conversations (nude photos or sexual conversations) being sent via private inbox, the individuals will be removed from the group upon proof of these claims. This goes for everyone.
5-No racist remarks!
6-No scammers or fake profiles will be tolerated & will be deleted immediately once the Admin is aware of it. No asking for green cards or money.
7-No soliciting/advertising
8-Any Gospel Doctrine that is taken out of context will be reviewed & possibly deleted. Any False Doctrine will be deleted.
9-No swearing! If the “F” bomb is ever seen, the person using it will immediately be removed from the group without warning.
10-Don't cause drama! Admins reserves the right to delete any post.
11-No bashing other groups or other group's admins
12-If you have any issues with individuals from the board, send a message to the Admins & keep it out of the public view. The admins will make sure to check messages regularly (even the other folder) to take care of the issues.