Independent Film New York (IFNY)

Independent Film New York (IFNY) is the brainchild of Brooklyn filmmaker, Attika J. Torrence. The IFNY began in March of 2005 as a monthly film screening series which was appropriately titled the IFNY Screening Series. This began as an outlet for filmmakers to showcase their work as well as a venue for film professionals and film enthusiasts to meet each other, network and form alliances that will eventually parlay into resourceful working relationships thus strengthening the independent filmmaking community.

The growth of the IFNY from a screening series to a film fair came when its founder, Attika J. Torrence decided to expand the scope of the film screening series, thus producing and hosting film premiers, book signings and launch parties. With the growth of the IFNY, Attika J. Torrence partnered with Fred Sanders, founder of Sanders Studios NYC. Sanders Studios NYC is Brooklyn’s newest production facility and sound stage. Sanders Studios NYC is now the home for the IFNY offices.

IFNY is unique because it is a community that was created “for filmmakers by filmmakers”.

In our goal to unify the independent film community (locally and abroad), we need assistance from sponsors who realize the power and ability of the blossoming independent film community in Brooklyn, New York. We seek sponsors who have the vision and foresight to get involved with this independent film movement in its embryonic stage in order to help us reach our full potential as we help you market your product and brand your company to and in the minds of the movers and shakers of the present and the future.

Founding Memebers:
Attika J. Torrence
Sagg Torrence
Donavan Lambert
Chris Love
Magdalena Alzibu

For more information please contact:

Attika J. Torrence
Independent Film New York Film Fair
c/o Sanders Studios NYC
525 Waverly Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
917-627-3313 / [email protected]