The Guide ~ South African community living or moving to Perth Australia

Welcome to our Facebook Group for networking, practical information about migration and settling into life in Perth, Western Australia and most importantly HAVING FUN.

It is our intention to grow this group with the help of YOU. Encouragement support & advice is made possible for those that are new to Perth, through discussion on the group wall. This group also offers an information source for those that are thinking of moving over to Perth. Please ask questions and participate in conversation

Few Rules on the page:
We offer a weekly special board, you may advertise your company and specials under this banner.
We offer a weekly menu board, you may advertise your home industries but no pricing is to be mentioned that is between you and your potential client.
No business advertising is allowed directly on this page other than on the 1st & 15th of each month.
If you have household items you wish to sell or a personal car ect it can be done at any time directly on the page. The sale item must have photos, price, pickup area. All photos are to be in one posting and onus is on you to monitor the sale answer all questioned asked, truthfully and once item is SOLD to remove your complete posting.
Advertising material will be removed on any other day without prior notification
Posting or commenting in English / Afrikaans only.
No hate speech, no racist comments, posts or slurs
No anti - Semitic comments, posts or slurs
No homophobic comments, posts or slurs
No personal attacks, demeaning comments, put downs, insults, mocking or mocking of spelling, belittling etc..

Please refrain from using Texting like language, example : u , r , nd, ur, some1, dat, dey, dem, shud, 4get, 2moro, ppl, tnx, tx, 4 da , etc... Write in full English sentences.

The admin members are very patient and fair, but if the rules of this page are broken or ignored, the offending parties or party will be removed

If someone is breaking or ignoring these rules, and admin is away, please message admin. We will investigate and take action. The only way to communicate with the admin. is to message them. Please DO NOT raise admin issues on the page, or complain about someone breaking or ignoring the rules of this page, on the page. Message admin. and we will make sure the issue gets resolved.

Most importantly, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR, ENJOY & HAVE FUN!!!