Musicians / Music Producers / FilmMakers /PhotoGraphy And RockNRoll

Join up if you're a
- Musician (Guitarist / Drummer / bassist or play Any instrument

Or you are :

- Singers
- Sound Engineer
- amateur or professional photographer
- FilmMakers
- Band Member/Promoter

Hey Guys the Group is not only for publish projects or your photographs And Filming is also meet new people and make new contacts to expand Your horizons .. it is also see the projects of others, consider, when someone needs help in the group looking to work with a musician, Musician Producers or photographer And FilmMakers .

So you can post your pictures of something You like and say where the picture was taken Don't Be shy Do it :)

Involved in Publish your videos or Films you can Do it via :
Not Links From Internet ;)

.. otherwise will be deleted by administrators .. this is done for better professionalism of this group !! Thanks for u attention peace And Love !