Few people have been asking about my diet from all over the world. And I mean that. I've had people following me from Spain, America, Australia and good old GREAT BRITAIN. So I have decided to create a group for you to follow my progress on. I will post update in my eating habits, my weight loss, share photos along my journey and ask questions. The support of people along this journey is a massive part and I really appreciate everyone's help. Just by liking or joining this group really shows how much people care. I hope alone that this will determine some of you to loose weight and join me in my lifestyle change. If you have any questions just ask and same goes for me. I don't know it all but what I am doing is working for me so must work for someone else. Thanks and I hope you enjoy. You can track my weight loss by clicking on the link, https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=5F71A9F63948BA1C%21851&authkey=%21AFv2DY0hsQI-WbE&ithint=folder%2Cxlsx