Free or a penny

Thank you for joining. Please feel free to invite friends and family and help spread the word to make this site bigger and better :)

This group is for people who want to give a good home to something and for people wanting to kindly offer items for free, or a penny. We also aim to help people who are in the situation where they are in need of a little helping hand or can't afford to buy.
Everybody is welcome!

Remember, your unwanted items may be exactly what somebody is in need of no matter how big or small - Don't bin it, post it on here :)
Please remember that manners are free and should be used at all times :)

Please read the group rules as they help towards running a successful, happy site.

- All items must be on at least 30 minutes before being offered to give everyone a chance.

- It is up to the person listing the item who they decide to give the item to, but we do kindly ask not to narrow it down to "first come first serve" on your post to give other members a fair chance after the 30 minutes.

- When offering and asking for items please include an Area or Postcode or your post will not be submitted by admin.

- When offering or asking to be considered please make sure you have a good internet connection to reply to messages this saves lots of problems due to miscommunication.

- People who don't turn up to collect items and people who are not home for arranged collection time will be on 3 warnings then the next step is decided by admin.

- When an item has been collected - Please delete post or let admin know.

- If admin has asked if the item is still available and you haven't replied within 24 hours, your post will be removed.

- We don't mind "bumps" as they keep the site flowing but please don't go too crazy.

- If your item is listed on another site - please do not submit your post to our site too as this causes problems and lots of peoples hopes of a nice offer shattered if the item is given away elsewhere.

NO Animals, lost pets, drugs, guns, knives, cigarettes, fireworks, charity's, Avon, Kleeneze and similar.
NO inboxing asking for items privately as this isn't fair on the person listing.
NO giving reasons for wanting an item as this puts the person listing in an awkward position - A simple "Can i be considered Please" is fine.
NO swaps. NO offering money for an item. NO accepting money for items.

Please contact a member of admin.
Main admin - Stew Ali.
Please remember that there are a number of admin who run this site in their own time and to the best of their ability - If there is an issue, please keep calm and talk to an admin member via inbox not on the group page. If you have a issue with an admin member and block them then you will be removed from the group. Admin are here to help, not to be abused.