Alex Jeffreys Marketing With Alex

Hi this is the official Facebook Group for customers for Alex Jeffreys Only! This is an exclusive group of individuals.

Please introduce yourself if you have joined for the first time.

This group is private and for paid members only. The content on this Group will only be visible to members and anyone caught sharing the information here on their personal profiles will be sent a warning and then removed if they repeat. This is to ensure high quality information for members only and not to cheapen the foundations of this Group.


This Group is a spam free zone.

If you post an affiliate link on this WALL- or a link to a landing page (ie a page with an opt in form) - two things will happen.

Any one caught spamming this group will be removed immediately if it is obvious. e.g. sunglasses, cars etc... you know the Stupid stuff..
Anything that might look like a mistake we'll message you about,

This is a Spam Free Zone...
Apart from that... Loving the interaction and progress so far..

Sorry to sound harsh -- but this group is designed for positive discussion and enhanced teachings of the Alex Jeffreys.

So lets do Facebook right guys - and lets lead by example

Thanks Simon :)