The Incredible Moms (Hemet playgroup)

Welcome to the Group. This is a fun moms groups were dads are always welcome to join in the fun. please introduce yourself and tell us how many kids and what ages, also let us know what days work best for you!

• 3 no-shows and you are out of the group. We understand when last minute things come up but please let someone know. We do not want anyone left waiting somewhere by themselves. If you are not able to get ahold of them to let them know you are unable to make it please let me (Danielle) know and I will let them know.

• If you are going to be late please let someone know.

• We want to keep this a very active group so we ask you to at least attend one meetup every few months. If you are unable to please let me (Danielle or one of the other adimns) know. If you have been in the group 3 months and have not made it to anything and have not let us know why you are not able to attend you will be deleted. (There are a lot of weird people out there and we have to put the safety of our children first, so we don't want people we don't know sitting around watching our page knowing were we are at.) Thank you for understanding

• Please fill free to add any play dates you would like. If you would like me to add something for you please pm me with what it is the time and date.

• Dads are always welcome to come to any play dates.

• This is a drama free group and we would like to keep it that way. If there is a problem please let me know and I will look into it. Everyone is different and everyone parents different so there is no- judgment. Lets please keep it this way. Also please no bad talking others.

• Do not attend if you or your child is sick

• You are responsible for your own child at events

• Please no smoking around the children

Please no advertising we want to keep this a playgroup.

If you have any question please ask or pm us to ask thank you and hope you enjoy and have fun with this group.

Danielle Peterson
Alicia Dixon
Brittany Moore
Brittney Nichole