Slaughterville, Lexington and Noble yard sale

Welcome to Slaughterville, Lexington and Noble yard sale group!

**This page is intended for the purpose to sale items that you no longer need or want.
**It is not a chat page to start or continue drama. If you are not interested in an item on a post to purchase, there is not a reason to comment. Just pass on by the post and continue to browse.
**Please make sure you want the item and make arrangements to pick up that you can keep. If you are unable to keep your arrangement please notify others involved immediately.
**No WIC items are allowed to be sold
**items that have been recalled will be removed
**No Business Advertising
**Animal postings will be reviewed and may be removed.
**ISO (in search of) post should be limited to once a week.
**Make one post (easier for you to follow) with other items in comments instead of multiple post.
**If there is any problems please alert admin, do not make a post for others to join to bash anyone. Please screen shot if applicable.
**Have fun and be safe by meeting in public places

•Additional rules will be added as needed

~where willing to meet

••If you post on this site or respond to a post you must be willing to meet in the areas defined in group name. Slaughterville, Lexington and Noble.
Pick up can be other place as long as both parties agree.