Oregon Christmas Market: Buy/Sell Decor, Gifts, Clothing

After looking on Facebook, I could not find a suitable group to help me get rid of some of my Christmas stuff, so...I made one. Items may be used or new. Though we are all adults, I still feel the need to put down a few rules. Please read or your post will be deleted. Thank you...and let's get our HoHoHo on!
1. This is not a garage sale site, so let's keep it with a holiday theme. ALL Christmas items and hand made decor, crafts or gifts. Any gift, brand new only and with tag or in original package, unopened.
2. ALWAYS list item description, price AND location, including condition of item (new/used, holes, tears, stains, rips, etc.) on EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE.POSTED! If these are not all listed, I will warn you and then delete your post if not immediately fixed.
3. Please be willing to work together on a pickup location and time. Also, please keep pickups within a 2 day period so the seller can relist item if sale falls through.
4. If a buyer/seller does not show up at said time and location, PLEASE INFORM ME! You will be out of the group if this happens twice.
5. You may BUMP only every THREE days...this gives others their display time, too.
6. You may make a folder in the PHOTOS tab with all your items and SHARE that folder once a day by sharing one of the photos. You may NOT share each and every phtot in that folder. Just share the folder and let anyone interested come look at your items.
7. ANYONE is welcome in this group. Feel free to add whomever you think would enjoy this group.
8. Please comment "INTERESTED" if you want the item. Please comment "NEXT" if you are interested in the item if the first person does not get it.
9. SELLER is responsible for Private Messaging first buyer, then second if that one doesn't work out. If you are first on the list and the seller has not contacted you, please let me know!
10. BUYER has responsibility to follow through with the sale once commenting 'INTERESTED".
11. If you have questions for the seller, ask in the comment area BEFORE you commit to the sale.
13. Only store bought, factory sealed food products are acceptable (Candy, cookies, popcorn, etc.)
14. NO returns unless seller has not represented the item honestly.
15. Last, but not least, please, please delete your post once it is sold!!
Thank you so much...now go sell/buy your treasures!