A cow out of wickedness grew giant horns on its head so that it wont help its master to carry load and when he the master asked why it refused to help him with the load, it claimed that the giant horns were the reason for that but not long a time that the master spotted one of his friends with a donkey and a load tied on it back and to worsen it too, the donkey has a plain head so as not to help his master to carry load and that subjected the master to tie the load on it back, so the cow master has no alternative than to tie his load on the back of his cow since you use what you have to get what you want.
Dear someone out there, doing things pretentiously is not the best way to do things, so serve your master with your whole heart bcos with time, you shall also have a servant otherwise the same you do to your master so also your servant would do to you, besides; if your master discovered your trick, he will find a way out to dismantle that of yours and could even do you more harm than good but if your master is not able to pay you back just as that farmer paid his cow back its coin, your future servant go do am to you ooooo, make una good evening my dear people