WXVZ - Weather by VZ

So I've gone and done it now. For as many of you that follow me for your weather rather than the local station going for the drama shot, I've created a page that I'm dedicating just to trying to keep you informed. I'll do my best to keep it up to date around my job restrictions, but can hold no liability if I'm temporarily electronically cut off (be it Facebook's fault or one of my own doing). Ultimately, only you can put your coat on before leaving your house. I can take no personal credit for the information I post as I own none of it. I will be glad to lead you to some great resources, giving credit where credit is due! If you all have something you would like to share, AWESOME!!!...let's keep an eye out for each other. Though this is created as a weather page I will also share emergency information, if possible, from time to time if it may benefit someone's safety. I reserve the right to remove distasteful, disrespectful, or otherwise vulgar posts or people. Other than that, ENJOY!...and stay warm and dry, or cold, or wet, or whatever the weather is doing that you wish it wasn't, or wish it would do more of. ;)