Soto Zen Buddhism

Soto Zen Buddhism is a school of Buddhism founded by Eihei Dogen and Keizan Jokin in 13th century Japan. Soto Zen practice emphasises continuous practice, making your best effort in each instant without goal or profit seeking, that practice and enlightenment are not two.

The core of Soto Zen practice is zazen - shikantaza - just wholehearted sitting - dropping off body and mind - the practice of self-affirming/realising samadhi. This is a focused group for people who are practitioners of Soto Zen, or are interested in Soto Zen. Posts that are not obviously oriented towards Soto Zen Buddhism will probably be removed. If not immediately obvious, please be explicit about your post's link to Soto Zen.

When posting, try to be open, topical and polite. This group has people with all different levels of experience, and needs to be a safe environment for a beginner's enquiry, as well as for more in depth discussion. Be kind.

We ask that you not advertise in this group (this includes local events, links to your zen group's page, commercial and non-commercial); this is to avoid flooding the timeline and obscuring discussion, and recognises the global nature of the membership.

This is not a group for discussions about 'general spirituality', nor is flaming, trolling, flooding, spamming, or any other anti-social web behaviour tolerated.

Links to topical blog or web articles are welcome. If you think your post has been removed unfairly, please contact an admin - we will try to be as equitable as possible, but mistakes may happen.

Moderators are here to keep order and ensure that everyone has a positive experience. In line with common Facebook courtesy, we ask that you not block Admins.

These rules are a result of a group discussion where there was a clear preference for 'tightening things up'.