"FOR SALE" Cozad Nebraska and surrounding towns.

Revised site rules: Only 2 photos per item, send the rest in a pm. Only garage sale items, garage sales, homemade items & food is acceptable on this site. Businesses located in the Dawson Co. area are allowed to advertise 1 post at a time and you MUST DELETE OLD POSTS before making new ones. Home based businesses have already been approved for those that sale in Cozad only. We allow fundraisers for Dawson Co. area only. NO Pets, Jobs, Babysitting or Houses for sale or rent allowed. No Firearms or anything Illegal or knives or anything that could harm someone are allowed. You MUST come back and DELETE all Posts, Photos & Comments when Sold including Garage Sales or risk being "REMOVED" from this site. NO Warnings! You MUST put a price, location & description on each post! THE FIRST PERSON to comment should get first chance, if they pass, move on down the line in order of comments on the post. Once you have commented on an item, you have 8 hours to pm the seller to make arrangements for pick up otherwise the seller is allowed to move on. NO FIRST COME FIRST SERVE ON THIS SITE! NO bidding, this is not ebay. Any posts that are 1 1/2 months old will be deleted. PLEASE LOWER PRICES IF POSSIBLE. You may locate your post very easily by clicking on the *photo tab at the top of this page and slowly scroll until you find your post, alot of times the notifications bar is not working properly, fb issue. "FOR SALE" Cozad Nebraska and surrounding towns is not responsible for any faulty items sold on the page and that everything is sold on an 'as is' basis & that the interactions that take place on the page are between the seller and the buyer only. Do not contact an Admin. if something goes wrong, it is your responsibility to check the item over before purchasing. Phone sales should be made at the designated business. ALL MEMBERS MUST DELETE YOUR OWN POSTS WHEN SOLD, IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO, PLEASE TAG ONE OF THE ADMINISTRATORS IN THE POST AND SAY "PLEASE DELETE." Each time someone comments on your image, it bumps it to the top of the page. If there is no commentary on your post, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO “BUMP” YOUR POST ONE TIME PER 24 HOUR PERIOD. You MUST bump your posts so they can be seen. Those that bump daily, we ask you refrain from bumping daily to give all members a chance to sell their items, please be respectful. All "SHARED" posts will automatically be deleted. No rude comments on sellers posts WHATSOEVER or you will be removed from this site. Make your own post if you have something to sell that is the same as another members. Do not try to sell your item on someone else's post. We delete all posts without pics in 3 days. You are welcome to post a stock photo similar to what you are wanting to buy or sale.
ADMINISTRATORS ARE: Joda Schroeder, Jill Esslinger, Mica Esslinger and Deborah Leahy