EyeSite Photography

Welcome to EyeSite Macro Group.

True macro photography is a 1:1 ratio, captures a life-size depiction of a subject and really exploring all the details in a small world, also cropping a photo isn't considered macro either. Please stick to the themes and post only macro.

All photos MUST be your own works.
No personal links & Advertising
Post only one photo for the theme. A photo will be posted to start the theme and another posted to end the theme.
Contest is will be held once a week and only MACRO.
There will be 20 finalist, 10 spotlights, 2 or3 bronze, 3 silver, 4 golds and a photo cover.
No posting Nudity or any photos that are offensive of any kind.
Please only the normal & simple editing (contrast, sharpening and tones etc) No posting anyone's art works and No using parts of others photographs for any reason in a photo that means dioramas, murals, paintings, posters or photos of photos.
Upload from your computer.

The Admin can delete any photos at any time without notice. Things are subject to change at any time by me.
Your photo will only be used in the winning collages.

12/12/14 Through 12/19/14
Macro Insects. All photos that do not pertain to the theme will not be entered. Show the details of your subject and post only one photo for the theme.

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