We are a crew of pirates, privateers and traders that attend
many festivals, that include Pirate Faires, Renaissance Faires, and Rendezvous.

We are based out of Reno, Nevada. However, many of our members live in other areas.

Our crew sets up a merchant trade/tavern encampment, in which we display canvas tents, accouterments and weapons used during the 17th and 18th century circa.
We cook and have a tavern that includes period bottles of the era.

As a crew try to be period correct but include anyone who has an interest in the Age of Sail, and/or history during the Golden Age of Piracy.

We can help guide new members with wardrobes
and effects like accouterments and guns. We have children and adults and are a family based crew that enjoys dressing up and socializing with the public.

We have a 30 foot trailer, that we transport a chamberlain dory/skiff, cannons, muskets, and the entire encampment, and tavern.

Think of us as a traveling museum.

We enjoy doing school educational programs, community events, and festivals.

We get together each month and discuss future ideas within the crew.

Our crew is a team effort and we are always seeking new pirates to join our crew. We could always use more hands setting up the pirate encampment.