All about Hawaii past and present.

1. Respect the group, our culture, our way of life, our beliefs, and each other and each others opinions even if you do not agree. We are all entitled to our own.

2. No obscene profanity, offensive and degrading remarks or pictures, no nudity.
Comments will be deleted and may get you booted from group.

3. No drama. If someone, something, or some post is bothering you please contact one of the admins. You may also block members or skip the post. Please do not post your issues or concerns on the main feed.

4. No blocking of the admins.

5. No selling of items with no relation to Hawaii. Saturday and Sunday is the only day that you can sell your products. You are responsible for your own transactions.

6. No ads or spamming. Any of them will be removed and could possibly get you booted.

7. No controversial posts. No topics that generate controversy, debate, drama, group separation. (Political, religious, racism, sexual gender, protest, etc.)

8. No requesting for monetary donations, charities, or gofundme allowed. Posts will be deleted without warning.


Each day of the week there is an interactive theme. Any member is free to participate. Each theme will be monitored by Admins

Music Monday - New and Old music, videos, instruments
Recipe Tuesday - Share with us a recipe for your favorite local dish or drinks
Words Wednesday.Share a Hawaiian or Pidgin word with definition or pictures. Teach us words in any language you can speak.
Throwback Thursday - Share your back in da days pics.
Aloha Friday - Share with us what you doing for the weekend. Also a day we pick someone random off the group list and say Aloha. Share places in your area where you buy your local goods at.
Swap meet Saturday and Sunday - The only 2 days that arts, crafts, products can be advertised in group for sale. All items must be related to Hawaii.

Each day a game will be provided by admins for your entertainment. The games posted will be carefully screened and monitored by admins before and after posting to insure it is group appropriate. Games not posted by admins will be deleted.

Revised: 6/7/2015