Green River Online Garage Sale

Welcome! This is the place to be if you are looking to buy, sell or trade items such as Home Goods/Decor, Kitchen
Ware, Furniture, Motorized Vehicles, Video Games, Board Games, Movies, Music, Lawn/Garden items, Collectibles, ect.

This page was created as a help and service to ALL who would like to participate - in Green River Wyoming AND surrounding communities!

***THIS IS A "DRAMA FREE" SITE!!!*** Please keep this page clean and respect one another always. No cussing, and no bashing -- Anyone who causes OR contributes to unnecessary drama, or continues be unfair to all members by NOT following the guidelines set forth, may be either temporarily suspended or permanently banned from this group!!!

***Please DO NOT model the clothing.***
NO SOLICITING of business's!!! The only solicitation we allow are from HOME BASED BUSINESS'S such as: Shakeology, Thrity-One, Designer Denim, Herbalife, Advocare, etc. If Your "business" is NOT home based, DO NOT ADVERTISE IT, OR SELL YOUR PRODUCTS FROM IT, ON THIS "GARAGE SALE" SITE!!
Unless you live in Green River Wyoming, or are willing to drive to Green River Wyoming to deliver a product you are selling, please POST YOUR CITY with the description.
SELLERS: If you knowingly sell something that is broken, unsafe, not authentic, or has ANY other issues, you have the responsibility to disclose that to a potential buyer. Knowingly hiding, or not being completely forthcoming may result in you being permanently banned from this group!!!
Please DO NOT SPAM THE PAGE by RE-POSTING A PICTURE that you have already posted!!! You CAN re-post with a lower price, but only if you have DELETED THE ORIGINAL FIRST!!! . . . However, RE-Posting is NOT necessary. Simply leaving a comment on your original post (i.e. Still Available, or Reduced $3, etc) will automatically bump your post to the top of the page!! ---- If you need assistance in deleting, please comment "DELETE" and it will be deleted for you.