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Neuro-science has long known that our unconscious functioning precedes conscious awareness by a 1/2 second. This means that most if not all issues like motivation, procrastination, indecision, conflicting priorities, burnout, overwhelm, performance anxiety and fear are a result of automatic (unconscious) reactions and patterns which occur before conscious awareness.

Amazingly though, most coaching and therapy programs available today rely heavily on conscious processing through questioning, analysis, and tasking. It's like trying to steer a train by asking someone in the last car to change the direction of the entire train. It simply won't work.

This group is for people interested in how to elicit and change unconscious processes that are at the root of most problems in life, yet do it in a natural, positive and conversational way that makes this approach adaptable to any context.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a practical model of human behaviour that has, at its core, specific interest in the patterns of behaviour that distinguish excellent performance from average performance.

HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™) is the study of how Mind creates reality through language and behaviour. No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that! New scientific understandings combined with ancient wisdom and lots of experience have lead to this natural extension of traditional NLP, which leaves behind its own trail of techniques.

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Coaching offers a model for self-evaluation, self-monitoring and personal development, which derives its strength from the use of multiple perspectives in a supportive climate that promotes your resourcefulness.

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Hypnosis allows access to the unconscious mind. In fact, during waking states, the only way to reach and change major set beliefs and emotional responses of the unconscious mind is during experiences that are hypnotic.

To get powerful, lasting and rapid results in coaching and in therapy, it is essential that the methods employed reach and influence the unconscious (subconscious) mind. The unconscious mind houses the emotions, imagination, memory, habits, intuition, and is the pathway to the superconscious. It also regulates our autonomic body functions. It is the very core or essence of how we experience ourselves and the world.

Meaningful personal growth and transformation results from a shift in the unconscious mind.

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This group is dedicated to providing you with practical tips and information on all of the above. Keep an eye on our Wall for updates.

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