I hate Wells Fargo

A little movement today.. Last week we sent a letter to Congressman Polis requesting HUD review Wells Fargo for retaliating against us for our previous complaint, and for pretending to be final authority. Our only late payments are to Wells Fargo. After Katrina a bill was passed that says, in effect, mortgage companies can't report disaster related late payments less than a year old. Can you guess how it appears Wells retaliated against us for opening a HUD complaint? Ding! Ding! Ding! HUD opened its review of Wells 4/17. HUD sent a decision letter to the Congressman 6/2. But wait, lookee here, Wells sent a letter to US on 4/30. It stated the review was over and that the decision remains the same. The 6/2 HUD letter states they had directed Wells to change the decision. It seems Wells (or the particular employee that has an issue with our complaints) attempted to pull a last minute run around and didn't realize we'd see the the HUD letter too. It's been like working with school children with billions of dollars that don't play well with others. Can I mention, again, we were in a freaking flood? It'd be funny if they weren't a multi billion dollar company. Anyway, until today, all the calls have been totally passive aggressive and unhelpful (hel-lur Ms. Blue). Today's call indicated they are aware we have again requested 3rd party intervention. Usually we're told "This call is to advise you that we are still researching your inquiry....blah..blah..blah..." You know, the same BS Ms. Blue has been saying since she was assigned to " work with" us. The translation being: We're doing absolutely nothing and you can't make us, na na na na. Today, the very obviously prepared statement was from a different rep calling on behalf of Ms. Blue. It seems (all of a sudden, OMG! I wonder why?!?) that Ms. Blue has (FINALLY) referred our restitution request, along with our credit rating "concern" to (wait for it.....) legal! We should expect a call back in a few days. Sure. IF they call in a few days, I guarantee it will be to tell us to expect a call in a few days. That's okay. At some point they'll understand that we aren't going away. When you know you're right, you know you're right. If I have to burn up an equivalent amount of their payroll to match my mortgage, I'll just keep smiling and dialing until they get it. Meanwhile, if you know people that are buying a new home or 're-financing, tell them that can message me and I'd be happy to talk to them about my experience with Wells Fargo Mortgage.