Keokuk Area Swap (KAS)

This is for Keokuk Iowa & the surrounding areas. Please play by the rules & we shouldn't have any problems.
1. If you have any sort of problem with either a seller/buyer or a post in general please message or tag me and bring it to my attention first.
2. I will not tolerate spam of any kind.
3. If you have an item listed please be considerate and allow first person commenting a chance to buy item before others. This has become a big problem in all other swaps and respect should be given to first person who comments with question before selling to first person that wants.
4. You can bump your post once every 12 hrs.
5. Please be considerate to all members and their posts. Please do not piggyback on other posts.This also seems to be another issue other swaps have. If your looking for a certain item and somebody else has a post looking for the exact item and you happen to see somebody commented on "their" post that they have one available, Be considerate and DO NOT jump on "their" post saying your interested or you want it. Take the time and make YOUR own post like they did.
6. Please limit your posts to 10 daily unless you make an album. I'm well aware you can't make one on your phone so limiting your posts to 10 will give others to post also so everyone isn't bombarding the swap with picture after picture. It tends to get very annoying when you see so many items from one seller. Once your item sells or when item is picked up please delete posts. If your not able to, bring it to my attention and I will do so for you. If I see your post has been inactive for 2 weeks I will give your post a friendly reminder to either bump your item or delete post. There has been to many unmanaged posts which clogs up the page. Please be attentive to your post and things will run much smoother for everyone else.
For any questions or problems please feel free to message me and I will get back with you as soon as I can.
Sit back...relax...and happy posting to all!