Seaford notice board

A closed forum for the people of Seaford, East Sussex to share their views, local events and information on issues that could benefit support from the public. It's a great way of coming together as a town, communicating in the right manner and working together.

- If someone is abusive or insulting to you, please report it to the admins. We investigate every case reported.

- Foul language is not tolerated. Posts will be removed.

- Trolling is not tolerated. Any post deemed to be trolling will be removed.

- Naming and shaming is not appropriate. Posts will be removed.

- We don’t accept advertising businesses on here as there is a separate Seaford group page for this (Shopping in Sunny Seaford).

- If you want to make people aware of an event you can post it on the notice board three times prior to the event and once after (to give feedback on it). Also remember, events can be created in the group, under the Events tab.

These rules are not exhaustive. There are instances that will fall outside these rules and into grey areas – those will be managed on an as needed basis.

Members disregarding these rules will be banned from this group.

Decisions and actions by the admins are final.

- If you don’t like a thread, don’t read it and don’t respond to it.
- If a thread is irritating to you – hide it so it no longer appears in your feed and you don’t receive notifications about it.

Best Wishes Esther Morgan and Adele Walshe