Shelby County Backyard Farmers

Shelby County Backyard Farmers is a page for people to share knowledge, buy and sell small farm animals such as chickens, goats, rabbits, etc. and learn proper techniques in backyard farming. We are here to support one another, to ask questions and give advice in our farming endeavors. This is a place to express your love of backyard farming with others who share your passion.
Please be kind to one another. Refrain from gossip or negative comments. Any negative behavior towards others will result in your immediate removal from this group.
The rules for buying/selling are as follows:
You must list a description AND price of item(s). Seller must provide a location to meet buyer. The location must be in Shelby county unless otherwise agreed upon between buyer and seller. All negotiations will be in private messages between buyer and seller. Happy Farming, Y'all!