1/72 1/76 Model Tanks & Military Vehicles Collectors Group

A group dedicated to modelling the history of 1/72nd scale (or 1/76th scale) tanks and Vehicles. Either serious scale models or wargaming models.

These can be ones you make yourself, or pre-made diecast models.
Plastic, resin, diecast, white metal, wood, anything that be used to model these is included.

By joining this group, you will accept the following conditions:

*This is an Adult group and you must be over 14 to join.
*Traders and Manufacturers of 1/72nd scale (or 1/76th scale) tanks and Vehicles may post details/links of their products here. However the group is NOT responsible for any trade issues resulting from exchanges between traders and members. The group owners and admins have NO means to make background checks. YOU TRADE WITH EACH OTHER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Group Rules (all intended to keep the group pleasurable for members):
1) Please keep over 90% of posts on topic
2) Any OT post must be related (admin reserves the right to delete OT posts)
3) No political posts
4) Any member posting NON topic related SPAM (i;e Handbags) will get an instant ban.
5) FLAME WARS - anyone showing uncivilized behavior will be banned. In the case of uncivilized behavior between TWO parties, BOTH will be banned regardless of who started it!
6) REVIEWs - Will respect flame war rules, will stick to the product and will not attack individuals or manufacturer concerned. Links are allowed and must titled Review + subject.
7) COPYWRIGHT ISSUES - If you think there is a copywright issue, you may ONLY post an external link to an OT review. Comments will respect Flame War rules.
8) Anyone using some form of sophisticated attack (like constantly posting reviews/comparisons attacking the same manufacturer) will also get banned. Your private wars have no place on here!
9) If a member wishes to alert other members about dodgy traders or products then PM the admins first WITH PROOF.

Rules 6 & 7 were voted by members between June & July 2014. The votes were 94 for, 17 for alternative options.