Buy / Sell in Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Incheon, Ulsan, Korea

I would like to welcome all to our group. This group is flea market that allows buyers and sellers make honest transactions.
All are welcome to promote and advertise their goods. Spammers will be removed and blocked.
Please use English when posting and please use Korean won in pricing.
Delete all postings when an item has been sold. Anything that is more than 3 months old will be deleted without notice.
Please make and add your photos to their appropriate albums.
Also, please provide a clear description of the item for sale (type, size, condition, price, and contact information)
Admin is not responsible for any items sold by members that are fake, damaged and undelivered.
Once you sell an item or buy an item, please have the integrity to send, deliver, the item or money.
Admin is not and will not be held responsible for any member's actions.
All spammers and spoofers will be deleted and blocked without notice. If this group gets out of hand, I will only allow you to join with permission.