Coming Home Gashes

My flights are booked. I land in Birmingham on the 3rd of December at 3:20pm and depart for Barcelona at 4:05pm on the 11th December.
So kez and muc I need to arrange a bridesmaid dress fitting with you girls and kez, muc, Nikki, niki, Nikki. I need to meet your new additions& yes muck I know Jacques isn't a new addition but I am yet to meet him. Shezza I need to check out your bump. Shashlick I need to check out your humps and kerrijane your lovely lady humps , Dotty I need to hear your voice and just generally need to catch up with gashmysters. :-).
See you all soon. Oh and who's up for some German sausage and hot chocolate at the German markets one night? Xxxx