Flippin/yellville AR Sell, Trade, Bargain, Job Site!!!

Welcome to the flippin and yellville Arkansas selling site. U can post all selling items BUT everything MUST have a price. U can post any jobs that u do BUT NOOOO online jobs or home work jobs threw a company that u pay. NO slim or scams at all. Any type of selling or trading is allowed. Read below for rules.
1. NO profanity
2. NO judgement calls
3. No harassing
4. If not Interestested and don't like someone's price don't comment
5. No repeat items
6. No more then 3 posts. If u go over delete ones or u will be warned then next time I will delete all posts u made and after that i will delete u off.
7. Warnings come for all breaking after that u will have all posts deleted if u continue to break rules then u will be removed.
8. Do not sell on anyone else's post make ur own.
Plz do not hurt or make this site look bad.
Any problems message an admin and report it right away instead of fighting
Sell away!!! And have fun!!!