Jerry Lee Lewis & Family - The Worldwide Fan Forums

Welcome to the Jerry Lee Lewis & Family - The Worldwide Fan Forums here on Facebook. Created by a Fan for the Fans in February 2014. This is the place to discuss anything Lewis Related , Share photos , upload Videos as long as it has a "connection" to the talented Lewis Family We have 3 Admins looking over the page throughout the day
Myself - Scott Doran
Paul Gaston
Kay Martin - The Original Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Club creator

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

You can post or comment on anything on the group even enter into a Healthy Debate as long as its respectful to the Lewis Family Name and that includes no personal attacks on the artists some whom are members of this group. Anybody who chooses to ignore this rule will be removed from the group.

We have a Zero Tolerence Policy - No Second Chances.

When you join the group please post and introduction about yourself , where you are from how you became a Lewis Fan etc etc.