StretchingFit is an intensive 12-week physical training programme with the aim to empower young women to keep young, energetic, confident and strong!

The creator, Olga Fuhrmann, is a 21-year old former ballerina who has enjoyed teaching stretching and fitness voluntarily besides her extraordinary ballet education at the Professional Ballet School Ronecker for more than four years.

During that time she developed her own method and programme on how to effectively gain flexibility and build up core muscles as well as how to gain a beautiful and feminine body shape in a natural and healthy way.

Based on the elegant art of ballet, StretchingFit not only incorporates stretching and fitness modules but also dance modules in the class itself what makes this workout very unique.

Best of all, it is tailored for the individual – you. Depending on your goals and physical ability the modules are adapted for you in order to improve in the most efficient way. All that is required on your part is your discipline. In the process of meeting your workout goals, you get to meet other like-minded women as well.

Currently, Olga Fuhrmann has choreographed a Burlesque Medley aiming to perform at the AIESEC Edinburgh Talent Show she has organised and hosted last year.