IIShQ Me BaDmAsHiIYaN MeRe YaR Ki <3

First Of All, All The Members Must Says Assalam o Alaikum smile emoticon
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۞. Welcome To Our GrouP. ۞
==> Rules <==
1:D0nt Abuse Any 0ne..
2:Grp& Page link not allowed Only ♥ Islamic Page ♥ Alow smile emoticon
3:D0nt Tease Any1 Pers0naly...
4:NO Personal Attacks & Politics or Religious figures
5::Avoid those Things Which is not related to yew...
6:No Irritation On Anyone's Post.
◓■Warning ◓■
I'll keep my Blue eyex on every rule breaker! Dont think that its just writter over here! You will realize the warning after yew are kicked out of the Gr0up !
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