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Peter Anthony Kidd: Serious/general problems/Business advertising.
Chris page: General problems/Business advertising.

Businesses are only allowed if they
advertise on our website.

All job offers on site MUST include the company details and position being offered, this includes Avon, Body Shop and such like companies. Failure to give these details will result in the post being removed

Please note all items purchased on this site is at the buyer’s risk. We take no responsibility for this.Make sure you are happy that the item is fully working before handing over your money, ie test it before leaving.

If you need to report a post, then highlight the drop down menu (top right of someone’s name) then select report post to admin.
If you have a problem with a buyer or seller then please pm a member of the admin team with the details. We operate a three strikes and you're out policy on bad sellers and buyers, that let people down.

Admin reserve the right to delete any comments that are rude, abusive or not relevant to the buying or selling of an item. If the comments are felt to warrant it the poster will be removed or banned from the site as is felt necessary

Please post once a day per item, whether it is a picture or wall post. Anyone seen bumping or any other ways of trying to move your post back to the top will have it removed, and repeat offenders will be banned from the group.

No animal transactions. No virgin media equipment. No sale and/or exchange of any free newspaper days out vouchers or McDonald's Free Game tickets. Do not list, anything illegal, including any alcohol, tobacco or replica/counterfeit items, No or weapons of any sort. No sexual references, No group referrals (advertising other groups)

Tickets for any event are allowed as long as they are sold at the face value or lower. Any tickets that are seen to be advertised on site for a profit will be removed. Please post with ticket face value in your post.

The following will mean a ban for life.
Naming and shaming
Bullying of any type.
Blocking admin.
Swearing/abusive attitude/being rude on the group wall or in messages.
offenders off these rules will be removed from the group without any notice.