Cell Phones, Electronics Buy,Sale,Trade Southwest Louisiana

ADMINS ARE- Brittany Wagoner-Smith, Gabby Wagoner & Wendy Lapointe.

#1 - go with buyer to the cell phone company to make sure they don't owe a bill if they do you wont be able to ise your phone!!!

#2 - This group is for ONLY people wanting to sell electronics such as cameras, cell phones, cases, accessories, computers, Xbox, Nintendo, etc..

#3 - IF you sell an item please delete your post.

#4 - First person who says they want kr even aak a question please give them first dibs. Please be mindful of your surroundings when meeting up with seller or buyer. ALWAYS meet in a public place and we'll lit if after dark. ALWAYS bring exact change when purchasing and item since most of the time the other person or persons won't have change.

#5 - Please be courteous to all members

#6 - We admins of this site are Not responsible for any items sold on this site, if you sell or purchase an item it's at your own risk. We won't be held accountable.

#7 - If we hear your selling items that DON'T WORK you will be banned from the site and blocked. Please if anyone comes across this please let us admins know.

#8 - NO PROFANITY! Be respectful to others.

#9 - We, admins, are trying to keep page updated so if you no longer have your item available please comment sold or delete your post please. Also if you don't respond to a interested buyer within 3-5 days your post will be deleted assuming it's been sold or traded. If you have any questions or problems with anyone on site please post for admin to contact you via message. Thank y'all & continue selling