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This group is for items for sale, items wanted and services offered. It is primarily target towards pregnancy, baby, children and household items, both new and secondhand in Johor.

Rules of the road: The admins make no promises or guarantees, either explicit or implied, regarding the goods or services offered or recommended here.

By joining the group, you agree to hold the admins neither responsible or liable for circumstances resulting from an online exchange or communication.
Please use your common sense before purchasing anything or hiring anyone based on what you read here. We encourage you to ask questions, examine items carefully, and ask for and investigate references before making a purchase, hire, or service provider.

Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to the group or participating in an exchange. Respecting others’ privacy and opinions both on and off-line shall be maintained by all members. It’s important to note that postings to this Facebook group are not representative of the opinions of the Admins. The Admins reserve the right to remove posts and/or people from the group at any time.