GTA V car meets and youtubers (PS3 and XBOX 360)

Welcome to this page for al new members read this post first Thanks!

This group is FOR PS3/PS4 XBOX 360/XBOX ONE.

In this group you can Post your show off car's
Your GTA V car meets youtube video,s
Organise a carmeet.

And plz speak ENGLISH on this group and car meets !!

We always respect eachother , the cars ,and the admins.

It isnt aloud to post things about , glitching hacking , cheating and things that have nothing to do with gta!

No racism , no platform wars , no sexisme or any of that crap.

it isnt aloud to rate cars ( we dont want any fights on this group )

We hope u have fun here on this group.

If you wanna share you groups ask a admin first before you post something about it.

And if there are problems or questions u can ask them always on the admins.

Rob Nathans PS3
Frenchbulldog love PS3
Zeek Sepulveda PS3/XBOX 360
Brett Hillis JR. PS3
Rogue Street GDz XBOX 360
Brycen Pevy XBOX 360
Leon Morgan PS4
liam David Moxon PS3

If you host a carmeet put in the event on what system you are and you need to invite the members !!!