TableTop Roleplaying Gamers United

This is what it says it is. A group about tabletop rpgs. We welcome all players and cover a gamut of styles, systems, and settings. Dungeons & Dragons to Star Wars and everything in between.

There are only a few rules.

1. Have fun and talk about RPGs!!!

2. No politics....

3. No religion....

4. No Hating on one another. Constructive debate is cool and in some cases even welcome, but the second the claws come out I'll smash that thread like thor would smash a skittle.

5. Try to reopen a subject that has been killed, you will be hitting the road.

6. I consider cosplay as a form of Larping and am cool with people posting OCCASIONAL pics on the board. I am also a big fan of gamer related humor. Keep the pics tasteful and the vids reasonably clean. {In other words if it breaks facebooks policy of offensive, it breaks this pages definition as well.}

7. A little videogame and tabletop rpg crossover chat is cool. Primarily this is a tabletop group chat and if your looking to hawk the latest downloads on GTA online or some such your in the wrong room.

8. Spread the word to your RPG tabletop cronies and cackle in glee as our number swell as the tide!!!