Makeup - Authentic Cosmetics, Bid Buy Sell Aus!

Authentic Cosmetics & Beauty Products Only!
This is a new page to sell your new and used makeup and beauty related items. Anyone is welcome to join! Please read the rules below before joining! :)

1. No replica/fake products. If you are found to be selling fake or replica products you will be removed and banned from the page.

2. Only beauty related products are to be sold, this does include hair products and other beauty items. Please check out "Recycle that Dress" for clothing items.

3. Once you have sold your item/s, PLEASE delete the photo to keep this group clutter free!

4. Always include actual photos of product when possible.

5. You have 24 hours from writing sold to contact the seller to arrange payment and pickup/postage. Failing to do so will allow the seller to pass the item onto nil.

6. Please only write sold if you have the money to pay for the item. You have up to 72 hours to pay for the items before the seller can pass it onto nil!!

7. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE regarding bullying, bitchiness and lying. There is a three strikes system in place.

8. First to comment with any questions regarding items is first in line (ie. how much is postage?) . This does not include comments such as "this is so pretty".

9. You may bump your post every 4 hours. This will be monitored! No spam!

10. Please try to use PayPal and provide a tracking number! This will avoid so many problems!

11. Admin is not responsible for any of the items sold and only hygienic items may be sold!!

12. There is to be NO promoting of companies/brands/products on this page as it is spam and not what this page was created for. If you post any of these ads you will instantly be blocked and removed from this page. Examples of this are:
- "Younique Ads"
- "Fibre Lash Mascaras"
- "Affiliate Makeup"
- "No branded skincare products"
- "No branded makeup products"
- "Your own company/brand/business"
(If your ad includes any of the above it does not fall into the category of this page and therefore is NOT allowed)

13. You may buy and/or sell from Countries but this is at the buyers expense, you must also ensure you are not over charging for postage if you plan on selling/buying.
Please note: Admins are not responsible for postage or payment.

All makeup and beauty related items are welcome! If everyone is friendly and honest this page will run smoothly, but if there is any problems please tag our admin team (Rhian Smith) (Heather-Belle McGirr) & (Rhowie Talbot)

Thanks ladies!