August-September 2015 due date group

A Mommy due date group to those due late Summer-Fall of 2015

This is a censorship free Due Date Group of diverse mothers and mothers to be. We support your freedoms to speak freely, share your opinions, fears, make new friends, ask questions, share your excitement and so much more!


No Dirty Deleting - Deleting comments or posts are not tolerated and can result in a ban from the group. Admins must maintain full knowledge of what goes on to ensure all runs smoothly.

Trigger Warnings - Please post a Trigger Warning along with a snippet of the topic to allow for highly debated or triggering topics to be ignored if a member wishes. Post the content in the comments.

As an example...

Trigger Warning: Infant Loss

(Article Posted in Comments)

Screen Shotting (SS): Screen Shotting anything from this group into another is cause for removal. You may not take any SS from this group anywhere else. This group is a safe place and we will ensure it remains a safe place.

Don't Post Anything You Can't Support!!!
We fully encourage healthy debates and differences of opinions. If you post something, don't become offended if another person doesn't share your views. You are free to share your oposing opinion or you can scroll past and move along. Discussing an issue or topic may help you see things in a different view and may do the same for the others involved. Try to discuss with respect.

No hate speech, threats, racisim etc will be tolerated.

Most of all, enjoy yourself!