Lame Deer Spring Break 2014

Hello all!
So my birthday is next week (December 8th) and I have decided to give my birthday this year. After being in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for a few months, I decided to give up my birthday this year and instead, raise money for Masinyusane. I have worked with Masinyusane during my semester abroad, and I believe in their mission as an organization. Masinyusane works with children and families in the townships of South Africa. Their work ensures that children receive all the opportunities they need to succeed in life: Opportunities to get a good education, to eat a healthy meal, to discover and develop their talents, and to have someone love and believe in them. I am hoping to raise $240 USD, but any amount you give is appreciated, and will make this birthday so much better! I'll be raising funds all month long. Just click the link below to donate and find more information…/…/ashleyandersen2