S4S group (10k+ page)

1. if there is written in a post done then comment so you should first done then comment.
if i got 3 complaines of any person he/she will be removed.

2. Post can only made with 1K+ page.

3. No restriction allowed in post except religious post.

4. If you want to do s4s post with your religious page's add a restriction in post which pages are allowed.

5.Train post is allowed for only Admin's so that no one can cheat..!

6.Train post will be made any time between 7pm to 10 pm according to online members.

7. Cheater will be removed.

8.Must closed the post after doing s4s.

9. Now every member who is making a post must mention time of s4s.

What is Train Post.??
Train post is actually all the online members who want s4s had given there link in the train post , they have to share all the other link given by other member's in that post. similarly other member do the same.!!