EMMA'S BEACH BABES ( Emma James Reader Group )

The Beach Babes group is for the readers of books by Emma James. There will be exclusive teasers and news to be found within this group.

This group will have spoilers so be warned. This is the place for readers of Emma's Books to happily discuss.

Feel free to post about what amuses you and any posts you think the other Beach Babes would be interested in.

This is a place for the readers to frolic about and have a good time.

Emma expects to see pretty men posted.


# 1. Please be nice to each other.

# 2. I encourage shenanigans, but we must keep FB happy and other members. So no penis's on display please. ( That hurt to say that )

# 3. Feel free to encourage other readers to get involved but warn them that they may want to read the book first so as not to get spoilers. My author FB page contains no spoilers and they can start there if they want. I will be posting non spoiler teasers etc there too.

# 4. One thing I feel strongly about, if you are in a pirating group, I don't think this is the place here for you. And I don't mean the Ahoy Captn' type of pirate either. ;)