Parris Island GOLF AND PAPA CO GRAD DATE 11/21/2014

Welcome family and friends of Golf and Papa Company Recruits! This page is a place to ask questions (there are absolutely no dumb questions), get to know family and friends of other Golf and Papa Company Recruits, a place to share stories, emotions, and to share the pride that you have of your recruit. This is a place to find someone to lean on when the days seem long, and they drag by. A place to vent, a shoulder to cry on and to hopefully make life long friends. All that we ask is that you be respectful to each other, understand that everyone deals with their emotions differently, and above all else follow the rules of OPSEC (operational security). That being said, enjoy getting to know one another and ask questions if you have them! We will try answering them as best as we can. If there is an answer that we don't have immediately, we will find it for you! SEMPER FI!