Asia Pacific University May 2014 Intake

This group is a discussion board for students who joined APU in May 2014 intake.
Students can ask any question and the Mentors are here to reply them. The information provided by Mentors is considered to be the most accurate and correct since they are here at APU since a bit long time.
Students can raise any issues or confusion which is related to APU, Life at APU. Guess it covers everything from Complaints to Suggestions.
Accommodations, Academics, Admin, Webspace, APU Website, Registrations, Counselling, Visa, Travelling, Holidays, Sports, Activities, Transport are just a few of the areas which we will be addressing. So in short, Anyone can ask about Anything here.
Please refrain from posting inappropriate content on this page. This page is intended as a contact point for all the May Intake students to clarify any doubts they have or issues they face on campus. Any inappropriate content will be removed and the student may face disciplinary action if the content warrants so.

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